Have you ever dreamed of long, full, luscious hair? Extensions make this possible. Want to know what makes them even better? No one will ever even question if you are wearing them. Others will think your hair is naturally full and long and we get to keep that our little secret. I specialize in three beaded weft methods: hand tied, machine tied, and co-z wefts. Each method specific to a hair type ensuring one to fit every girls needs and wants. Interested in having the hair flip of your dreams? All you have to do is schedule a consultation.

What to expect during your extension consultation

We will start by discussing which method is right for you. Together we will walk through a guide, which I provide, to make sure you know exactly whats expected of you as far as maintenance goes. I will then breakdown your investment, what it includes, and what your future maintenance payments will look like after your initial investment. After we cover the important details we can move on to the fun part, color matching. This is where my color specialty steps in and we choose the proper color ( or colors) to make the perfect blend. If you wish to change or enhance your current color before investing in extensions, please book a new guest color category and add an extension consultation to your visit. Please note that all color done on natural hair is a separate fee.

What happens next

After our thorough consultation, you will be asked to pay for the purchase of your hair which is typically 60-70% of the over all cost. Once payment is received we can then make your installation appointment which will follow 1-2 weeks after. During the installation I will strategically place the extensions to fit your specific head shape for a seamless blend. After our time together, you are then free to strut and flip your hair at every turn.


Included in your investment is the cost of hair, installation fee, color matching, coloring of extensions, haircut to blend, a maintenance guide, a mini maintenance starter kit, and a mini one on one tutorial on how to style your new locks.

Initial investment:

  • 1 row: $750
  • 2 rows: $810
  • 3 rows: $870


  • 1 row: $60
  • 2 rows: $120
  • 3 rows: $180
  • Mini row: +$30
  • Individual strands: +$25

Ready for the hair of your dreams?

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